Estimated growth of online gaming industry in European region

European region is the next big market in the list of online casino operators. European states and residents, both are increasingly becoming aware of the online gaming industry and are showing a positive attitude towards it. This has made Europe one of the most favored regions for the online operators and it is expected to be realized in the form of stupendous growth. Talking of revenues, the gross gaming yield in the year 2003, from Europe was 1.28 billion Euros, which reached 8.75 billion Euros by the year 2009. These figures are despite of the economic slowdown that was witnesses by the world in 2008 and beginning of 2009. By 2013, the revenue generated from this industry is expected to cross the 13 billion Euro mark. These figures are enough to give you an idea of the rate at which online gaming industry is expanding. Knowing what to expect from online gaming industry in the coming years, the demand for EU level regulation of this industry is arising. Governments are looking up to online gaming industry as their new source of taxes and income, to help bring their economies back on track. Demand for abolishing state run monopolies in different countries is also surfacing. Operators, as well as governments, both are demanding European Union to take steps, towards regulating this industry, so that both, the legal operators, as well as players can be protected. In the coming years, online gambling industry can expect a decent growth in European region. The reason is simple; many countries are willing to open their markets and regulate online gaming industry. The taxation laws are also to be made easier and steps are being taken to reach a common consensus for regulating this industry. With all these things happening in the favor of online gambling industry, there is bound to be more growth.
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