What to do when casino is withholding your payment?

Have you only seen gamblers that are cantankerous? Here is a surprise for you; there are several casinos also that are crabby. Now since casinos cannot speak up, this nature is demonstrated in the form of problems presented by them for their players. One of the worst conditions is when the casino does not release your payment. In this condition, either you can take the world by storm and lose your temper, or you can think and take some steps that would really help in getting your money back. Going for the latter alternative would be advisable in this case. Genuine casinos do not withhold the payments of their players under normal circumstances. They do so only when there is some confusion or when has not complied with their terms and conditions. For example, if a player has registered in the same casino under various names and is using different credit card accounts, casino may hold his/her payments and even deposit might be withheld. In such case, player will have to reveal his/her real identity, provide sufficient proof of the accounts that s/he owns and clarify all other doubts. Even after this it is not sure that casino will release your payment, as it comes under cheating and casino may block all your accounts forever. Casinos also sometimes withhold the payments when a player has breached its terms and conditions or taken an unfair advantage. However, in such cases entire deposit may be refunded and the player may be blocked from the casino unless casino accepts the explanations on player’s side. If your casino is fraud itself, it might withhold payments purely for wrong intentions and without any clear fault of yours. Under these circumstances, you can file complaint about this casino at different platforms including the gambling authority in your jurisdiction though the chances might be seldom that you will get your money back.

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